Three routes for children to discover Benasque - Diario de Noticias de Navarra

2022-06-15 10:45:39 By : Mr. Jennifer Chen

The school holidays are here and together with the good weather it is time to start preparing family plans.Excursions to the mountains and the countryside are a staple in that wardrobe that is family plans.Although the Pyrenees and Huesca sound like high mountains, long marches on steep and hard slopes, it is not necessarily so.In addition, the long hours of sunshine that summer inherits from spring make visiting different places in the Benasque Valley a quiet enjoyment that can be done with children.Rivers with spectacular waterfalls, glacial basins that show lakes, meadows and fields where you can run or lie down to see the clouds are the scenarios through which paths and paths run that adults and children can travel without problems while they open their eyes to know an environment spectacular, that of the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, of which Benasque forms part together with Chistau and Barrabés.These three routes that are shown are three possibilities out of many with which to inoculate the youngest with a taste for walking, open spaces and knowledge of the natural environment.It is a circular route of about seven kilometres, without technical difficulties, which starts from the Besurta car park.The path that leads to the Forau de Aigualluts converges with the source of the river Ésera.Along the way you can see the Aigualluts waterfall and the Renclusa refuge.The excursion can be extended to the Plan de Aigualluts meadows, an observation point for the impressive Aneto glacier.Approaching the foothills is an experience that should be left to more experienced hikers.The Forau Aigualluts is a giant sinkhole 70m in diameter and 40m deep through which the water of a waterfall from the Aneto and Maladeta glaciers disappears.To get to El Forau, you start from Llano de la Besurta (1,900 m), 13 km north of Benasque on the A-139.After leaving the car, the route starts towards the La Renclusa refuge for 15 minutes, until reaching the signposted detour towards the Aigualluts waterfall.The excursion has a drop of only 200 meters.The round trip can be done in about 3 hours and a half.In summer, you have to walk or take a shuttle that brings hikers to Besurta.Another simple but less known route among those that can be done in Benasque is the one that runs through the Congosto de Ventamillo.It also has a circular route of just over 7 kilometers that can be done in just under three hours.Part of the town of Seira, where you take the GR-15 path with a path with spectacular views of the Congosto.This is a rock formation resulting from the action of a glacier that has disappeared.The excursion that departs from Seira, since it can also be started from Run in the opposite direction, begins at the municipal swimming pools, and upon reaching a group of houses known as El Mesón, continues to the laundry room, where the GR- fifteen.From there the journey is comfortable and with excellent views, although perhaps those who suffer from some vertigo may not be able to appreciate them properly.Anayet is one of the lakes in the Benasque Valley that deserves a visit.During this tour through the Tena Valley you will be able to contemplate a unique and spectacular perspective of the Anayet peak and the Midi D'Osseau.The route leaves from the Portalet car park, in Formigal.Follow the path of the ski slopes towards the bottom of the ravine, keeping the Espelunciega chairlift to the right and which serves as a guide during the initial section.This flows into the Ibón de Espelunciega after almost 3 kilometers of walking.The route becomes somewhat harder when facing the road towards the Canal Roya pass to the objective of the excursion, the Anayet lakes.An hour's climb separates you from one of the best panoramic views of Benasque.Another possibility is to avoid Espelunciecha by crossing the area known as Corral de las Mulas and looking for the Anayet chairlift.Once there, it only remains to follow the ravine to the right to reach the lakes.