How to keep home cool with no power, A/C during summer

2022-06-15 10:48:39 By : Mr. Tony Fang

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OHIO — Monday night's storms knocked out power for thousands of Ohioans, and Tuesday's weather will be extremely hot and humid. Dew points 75 to 80 degrees with temperatures in the middle and upper 90s will make it feel like 100 to 110 degrees. 

For those who lost power or have no A/C during extreme heat, it can be hard to keep the house cooled down. Here are some tips that are cost effective and could prevent your home from getting too hot.

If you don't have power:

Curtains, shades or other coverings can help block out the sun, preventing much of the heat from getting inside. Experts suggest blackout, thermal insulated or light-reducing shades. Another option is temperature control window film, which is expected to reduce solar heat inside homes by 80%. 

It can be hard to sleep during extreme heat, especially without power or A/C. There are pillows available with a "cooling" side, which contains cooling gel to keep your body heat low. 

Open the windows at night or early in the morning

Early in the morning and as the temperatures drop throughout the evening, it can help cool your home down by filtering out the warmer air.

Check your local store to see if they have portable fans powered by batteries available.

For those with power but no A/C:

Set your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise

Heat rises and cold air sinks, so setting your ceiling fans to go counterclockwise could help distribute the air to keep it from getting too hot. A clockwise-spinning fan will not only lack that desired breeze, but it will also circulate the warm air down and mix it throughout the room. 

Be careful which appliances you use

Appliances such as the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, dryer and vacuum emit heat when in use. Try to use these earlier in the morning or later toward the evening hours when the day is cooler. Using them during the peak of the day can only make the heat worse inside your home. 

Open the windows at night

As the temperatures drop throughout the evening, it can help cool your home down, especially with a fan near or in front of the window to help bring in the cooler air and filter out the warmer air. 

Turn on your bathroom fans

The bathroom fans, as well as the exhaust fan in the kitchen, can help take in the hot air and push it out of the home. 

Incandescent bulbs can emit a lot of heat and also run up the electric bill. Switching to fluorescent bulbs can help decrease the heat emission, as well as save some money on your next bill.